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Cosmic Church of Truth, Jacksonville Florida

About Us

The Cosmic Church of Truth is a metaphysical, spiritual, interfaith church where we strive to present the truth about the issues of our world today and develop spiritually. We believe in Spiritual & other alternative forms of healing and development such as Reiki, Light & the use of Tarot Cards, Psychics and Mediums, Numerology & Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Intent, Sound and Movement. Also known as a Spiritualist Church or a Metaphysical. Welcome Home Family!

Educational Institution

In the capacity of an educational institution, we consider many schools of thought and their unique contribution to man as a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being. Such schools as Mysticism, Theosophy, Spiritual Occultism, Comparative Religions, Esotericism, Religious Sciences and many others have served in contributing greater understanding of man as a composite being. We equally embrace the Ancient Wisdom teachings and the Occult or 'hidden' teachings and God in our program of study. As an educational institution, our aim is in the unification of esoteric thought, religion and education.


Our Goal

  • Promoting the Brotherhood of man through sharing knowledge, wisdom and truth.

  • Promoting the plan of the Divine through mutual cooperation, services, fellowship and goodwill towards all mankind.

Logo banner.png
Cosmic Church of Truth, Jacksonville Florida

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in the Oneness and Totality of God. God is the essence of Life, has been the foundation of many religions.

  • Truth is a word that possesses the wisdom of the ages. As all religions have evolved, the goodness or Godness has been the basic ingredient from which spirituality has arisen.

  • We are not the sole possessor of the truth, but recognize that each world religion teaches different aspects of the same truths. We, therefore, embrace the Ancient Wisdom teachings that have permeated the doctrines and philosophies of world religions.

  • In recognizing that all faiths possess truth, we do not limit our expressions of worship or beliefs. We embrace Buddhism, Christianity, and other religions, knowing that in so doing, we expand our consciousness and insight into Truth. Each religion is as a pearl on a string, and the string becomes the cord of Life or Truth which bridges all mankind.

  • We believe in the dissemination of knowledge, wisdom and truth as taught by the Master Teachers throughout the ages. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  ** St. John CH. 8 v 32.

  • We believe that all religions serve a specific purpose in the spiritual evolution of man, and that each man will partake of different nourishment according to his needs. It is not our place to say which nourishment or which religion one should belong, but instead encourage each man in the pursuit of truth until he finds it.

Cosmic Church of Truth, Jacksonville Florida

Our Purpose

  1. To further the understanding of spiritual occult* teachings

  2. To associate ourselves together as a group for the purpose of the known, unknown, higher thought, religious truths, earthly laws, cosmic laws to the higher purpose of Supreme Being

  3. To gather, receive and disseminate such knowledge so that it will be helpful to the membership

  4. To foster and cultivate relations with the members for a closer personal acquaintance and to develop a spirit of mutual cooperation

  5. To seek to understand one's reason for being

  6. To improve ourselves and mankind to encompass the area of the spiritual occult, metaphysical and initiatory fraternities

  7. To earnestly seek to understand our karma

  8. To improve both ourselves, in a Godlike manner, and the world in which we live.

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