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Claudia L'amoreaux


Great Spirit, Divine One, Creator

who is heaven earth rock wind insect tree fox

human of every size shape color

Holy are your infinite names chanted sung whispered

shouted in every language, tongue.

We will midwife the rebirth of Gaia

as best we can

restoring the Great Law of Peace.

Guide our hands to the soil and seed

honoring the alchemy of food.

Let us remember your abundance

and share the bread of life with any who hunger.

We are for giving

and giving and giving.

We trust in the give-away.

We give and receive.

Let us be humble before the darkness and the light

walking in harmony amidst them.

Give us courage to know them intimately

both within and without.

For you have breathed it all —

the behind, the above, the below, the beyond.

Your awesome power courses in our veins

and animates our hearts.

You are the Great Drum.

We thank you.

~ Translation of The Lord's Prayer from King James to Gaian - Claudia L'amoreaux

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