The Truth of Affirmations

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 7:52:30 AM

We are what we "say" we are. Whether we think it, say it, or do it.

Sometimes the mind is not reporting the truth of the action.

I thought myself small for wanting my idea of a nice dress for my prom. What I failed to see was how nice I was not to want to cause my mother grief.

In so many instances we fail to see the graciousness of our actions because we have been laden with negative overtones throughout our development here. We not only fail to see our own graciousness, we fail to see the graciousness in each other.

We are not to blame. We are not at fault. We have merely been educated through ignorance.

It is vital that we learn to speak the truth as God sees it. It is vital that we learn to speak the truth with great accuracy.

For instance: we tell our children that they are not listening, when too often what we mean is that they are not following our direction.

Consider the lessons of numerology. Not only do our words have power, but the letters that shape them structure the power.

We have many words that mean similar things – our choice of words in the instance they are spoken should be dictated by what feels right on the tongue. The words you use create a vibration in your system.

Take the time to select the word that feels best when you say it.

God's little instruction book is given to us through our feelings. We feel our best when we follow this guidance most acutely.

It takes practice, time and awareness. The more you seek the answers that are within your feelings, the more adept you become, and the more peaceful you become.

Too many of us have forgotten what it feels like to feel good. Too many of us have forgotten the importance of feeling good.

Feeling good is our rightful inheritance, our birthright. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to feel good.

In our words lies the ability to direct the condition of our existence.

Affirmations are already noted for their ability to restore and/or create balance and harmony.

All of your words are important when it comes to structuring your existence.

All of your feelings are a means of communication. They are literally speaking to you.

Pain is a feeling. It is instructive. Take the time to go within and literally ask the pain what it is about. This takes patience and practice.

As you learn what the pain is about write it down. Then go within and "look" or "ask" for the words or action (if needed) that will address it, heal the feeling. Seek guidance when you fail to find the good. The good is there.

through Rev. Anne V. Hilliard