Life Is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Part 1

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 8:19:42 AM

Beacons of Light ~ Reminders from Home January 2010

From Steve:

Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. The group has been saying that for a very long time, but in this message they take things to a whole new level with the phrase. Here they told the story of what happens when an idea gets into the collective consciousness. It manifests every time. They said that so many things are starting to manifest as a result of the rapid rise in collective consciousness. They re-mind us that if we are creators then we create the thoughts that reside in our heads. We can create fear or we can create love. The reminded us that we humans are addicted to drama and fear. Yet, we have choice in every moment as to what thoughts stay in our head.

The group says wonderful things are going to be happening around 2012. But it is not up to the group as to what we experience. It is up to us, as we will determine our own experience. But when we use our powers collectively, they are amplified exponentially. Now the group is in wonderment at the grand events that we are all pulling together in the year 2012. They say from their perspective "it is pure magic to watch as we create these events." After 14 years of channeling and seeing from the perspective of the group, I have learned that there is nothing we can not do. But when we do it, we always make ourselves think that someone else did it even though it was really us all the time. More and more the group shows me about the way things fit together vibrationally and how simple it all really is. Even if we understand that every thought we have creates something, when I look at it from my human perspective it confirms one basic belief system of mine. I believe in Magic!

Expect a Miracle!

Big hugs ~ Steve Rother