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Post date: Jul 25, 2010 8:17:21 AM

Beacons of Light ~ Reminders from Home January 2010

Greetings from Home

We have much to share with you this day, so we will move right into the information for there is a huge energy shift that is beginning on this planet as we speak. Many of you will be dealing with this in your personal lives.

Many of you will deal with it as setbacks or as course corrections, and sometimes as a new direction to consider. Whatever happens with you or however this takes place in your world, we ask you to simply look at it as a possibility rather than that you are being directed in one way or another. The most important piece to remind you of is that you are the creators, the magicians of the Gameboard. Your desires and your passion count foremost in your life. Your belief systems have often stopped you from finding things or making situations work for you that would actually help you to move into the true passion of your real work. Now that will stop. As you start moving into the next levels, you will see things from a totally different perspective.

Layers of Reality

It was not long ago that we were on an airplane with the Keeper and he was coming into London’s Heathrow Airport. The plane managed to come in through a layer of clouds, and the Keeper was reveling because when he looked out the window all he could see was white fuzz because he was in the middle of the cloud. His perception was totally limited in that field and he could not see the larger picture. He came through the cloud range, and suddenly the new daylight loomed almost as if to mark the start of a new day. The Keeper was amazed, but soon looked down below where he could see another bank of clouds. It was not long before the airplane would again go through another fuzzy area where he was completely lost, only to again to see another beautiful layer of clouds at a lower altitude. The airplane traveled through several different layers of clouds in order to land, and several different points from which to see your life and the events around it.

That is what is happening to each and every one of you. Not only are you moving through these different levels, but instead of your airplane coming down it is going up. At every point where you reach a new level of these clouds, it is important for you to look out and determine what still fits for you. Every time you do this you will see your life from a higher perspective, where you can encompass more in the view of your own big picture.

As you move through these different levels, understand that if there is a place where you feel completely blocked or blinded it will only be temporary. In a short time you will go through another level, and again be able to see things from a totally different perspective. Now you are moving through those spaces on a regular basis. Becoming comfortable with change will help ease this transition.

Prophecies Unfolding Now

You have three years in front of you that will be very critical. What takes place during this time and the launching of this entire new energy will set the energy for humanity for the next thousand years. This is not new information; it has already been said many ways. We are simply going to put a different twist on information that has been shared with you, so that you can see it now from the perspective of the top of the clouds.

As many of you have studied and been told by different masters that Jesus Christ was prophesized to return to earth and reign for a thousand years of peace following Armageddon. You are in what you would call Armageddon right now.

What you were told about Jesus Christ coming back to rule for a thousand years of peace was absolutely true. However, it was not as that of a single individual but as all of you. This is also the first full step into the Age of Empowerment. The energy is coming back through you, and the idea is to make space for it to come through as often as possible. So, the moment you look in the mirror and say “I am not good enough” or “I am not perfect enough,” you are setting up blocks in front of you that will hinder not only you, but also the god within you.

The first thing we ask you to do is to stop judging yourself. Start looking at possibilities instead of difficulties. Look at the opportunity to grow when you see something negative happen, because that is the reason you set it up in the first place. There is something important you are going to gain from it or it will literally drift away at this point.

The Secret of Life

We have a single phrase we wish to share with you. We have said it before, but now it is becoming more important than ever. If you truly understand what this phrase means, you know why you are on planet Earth. You know what this game is about, so you simply have to unfold the different pieces of it. The phrase is simple: Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The moment you grasp that you will understand more not just as an individual, but as a collective as well. Let us give you some examples.

It was not long ago that people started writing about some very interesting event sequences that they were shown was going to take place on planet Earth. We will share with you some of the most fascinating pieces of this. At one point, it was channeled there will be three days of darkness before Earth enters the photon belt and the new energy starts coming in; they even said what date this would happen. The information struck a chord and became very popular. It also carried important information that helped many to evolve. However, the moment that it was spoken and heard by a single person, humanity started to change, evolve and adapt the information. The need to physically experience some of these other realities was no longer needed. It was spoken that this event would happen on such and such a date, in such and such a year. Then along comes that date and there they are standing on a mountain to welcome in the photon belt and the three days of darkness, yet it did not happen. They thought that it must have occurred in another dimension or happened in a different way, but it did not happen the way the channel said. Many people considered this to be a failure saying, “Oh, this must not be true if it did not happen on the date they set, so therefore it must not be true.” There was a pull-back from the information at that point and many people did not trust it any more. Everything went quiet for a while, and then before long the energy came back. Once again people started talking about the photon belt, the three days of darkness, and all the energy around that. We tell you this because many of the truths in the original channel are now starting to unfold. Even though the reality was altered before the event took place it was set into the hearts and minds of powerful creators. Now we tell you that this reality may now be experienced, It is not because it was predicted, but because it exists and resonates in so many hearts and minds. See what happens when you put great ideas into the minds of creators?

Holograms: Energy Forms that Attract Matter

We have told you before that we see the overlayment of the hologram of Earth that you are building will soon arrive. Earth began as a hologram … a thought of god, in space where many thoughts met together and created a three- dimensional form of energy to which matter was attracted. Matter began to find its way to create what you call planet Earth and everything that surrounds it. There are many events that are happening and when this original hologram comes and overlays the original hologram of Earth, it will be an energetic movement. Therefore, you may actually create days of darkness around it. You may actually create a new energy that you will interpret to be the photon belt, because you have held that idea in your minds. You are the creators, dear ones, and the magic is no less because you have created it. That is the true magic of who you are. When you create in harmony with other beings, that is what really takes place. That is where you are right now—finding ways of creating in harmony, for life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you perceive will create all the reality you need to make it real for you. Because re-member dear ones, it is a game.

The Big Question: Why?

You are not humans. There is no such thing as time, yet you live within that concept every second of every day. All of your energy seems to be trapped in a little body where you move around between time frames. In reality, you are a great spirit pretending to play this game. The question we ask you is, “Why?” What is it that you want from this? Now is the time to get very clear about what your focus is going to be on. It does not mean that you cannot change it. However, it does mean that above all else, now is the time to start looking for your passion and focus. What lights you up inside? That is the piece from Home that you came in with, it is what you will now offer to help build this new place. Do not be afraid of your visions, dear ones. Do not consider things as right/wrong, good/bad, or up/down. Instead, look into your own heart. What adds to or takes away from you? Those will be the biggest pieces that come forward. Enjoy these creations and figure out a way to express your passion. Have fun with the photon belt and with what you will see as days of darkness. Bask in this energy.

Understand that humans love to be scared, because it is your nature. You love the light. Therefore, you also love to be afraid of the dark. It is the reason you go to so many scary movies. Have fun with that, for it is a beautiful human experience. But keep in mind that it is all in your perspective, for there is no such thing as “real.” Fear is only a lack of light. When creator gods hold a lack of light and project it, they can create in the negative energy field just as easily as they create in the positive energy field. Re-member, dear ones, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What do you wish to make of that? What is your highest dream right now?

The Prophecy of 2012

With that we ask you to take the next step, for it is now in front of you. In the year 2010 there will be a huge shifting of energy on this planet. Each and every one of you will be a part of it in some way. There is no one who is not going to feel this. Your own physiology is changing and adapting so that you can hold more of your own light than you have ever held before. The sexual energy in your body will start running ten times what it used to be almost immediately. Those who have been uncomfortable with this energy, those who have scar tissue from the past even those who have worked with it yet remain uncomfortable, will have the greatest difficulties in this transition.

These are the times when all of you as the healers and teachers can be there to help set the energy, to take another’s hand. Many of you are hesitant to do this and say, “I do not know enough. I have not studied this. Who am I to help another person?” It is what you came here to do and it is the reason you have been back to Earth many times. Sometimes you have returned even after completing the lessons here to be here to help with the miracles that are now unfolding. Hold that power, for it is your gift. Hold that energy of who you truly are, and fear not what you see out there in the form of shadows. These challenges are simply opportunities for you to shine your light like you never have before. Because of this, you will be able to take all this energy that surrounds the year of 2012 and enjoy it. Dance amid the negativity and have fun with it. Then, we hope you take it and make it real for you.

Because dear ones, you are continually asking us what is going to happen in the year 2012. We are now turning it around and asking you what is going to happen in the year 2012. You hold the key and there are no limits on you at all. The veil is literally being removed for a short period for each and every one of you to move into your creative abilities. This will be happening over the next three years, and it is what you are in preparation for right now. Enjoy this ride. Find those pieces of passion where you can be of service. Find what you came here to do and move in that direction. Do not judge the outcome. Do not judge whether they are listening to your message, or whether you are being successful. Just be responsible enough to yourself to go after what is in your heart and that will let your spirit shine through. Follow your heart, move in that direction and blend it with the energy that you know to be you.

Now there are new opportunities and, we tell you, there are no dreams that cannot happen. This place of planet Earth is going to become wildly exciting in the next few years, for each of you will be uncovering your own greatest abilities creators on planet Earth. The only piece you will learn to balance is the responsibility which comes along with that.

Re-define “Responsibility”

We have spoken about responsibility being the balance to power. If you wish to increase your power in any area, figure out ways of increasing your responsibility. You will now start to see this in a new light as you enter the Age of Empowerment. You will begin to understand that of which we have spoken. You will start to see this differently now, because since you are responsible for your own happiness first, everything else lines up with that. Now you will find yourself dancing through life fairly comfortably, wondering why life was such a struggle and why you kept hitting those brick walls before, then suddenly all of it was released. As your perception changed, so did your reality. You just came through another layer of clouds and suddenly life seemed to gently dance, as a beautiful human experience. We can guarantee you that you will still feel pain, and you will feel love, because you are here to have those human experiences. Please do not judge the pain as bad and the love as good, or you start thinking like a human and block the entire message. Look at all of the pieces that you are as a human and celebrate life, celebrate your own energy.

Dare to dream, to have fantasies, and to have the entire prophecies that you will set for yourself. Know that everything that you hold in your heart will manifest for you in the highest possible way, as long as you are able to release it and let go. Turn it over to the universe, because at that point your energy manifests. It is easy for matter to come around your energy then. Know that you hold not only your own individual dreams, but dare to be part of a collective dream. Dare to read a new book or grab something different that excites you, and be part of it in some way. Do not judge it as good/bad, right/wrong or yes/no. Look at the potential for you to feel that, and the next years will be so full of joy that you will understand what you are doing here. For these are opportunities for you to do what you came to do.

We are so deeply honored to watch as you create. There are times when we feel your sadness, when we feel your separation pain from Home. The anxiety of leaving Home is great in the soul. Sometimes it takes many years, even into adulthood, before you stop feeling that separation pain. We tell you that this has been the greatest joy for us to watch, because when you have what you call these pains and a longing for Home you actually feel the beauty of it. You know you are not there, but we are called in at that moment to comfort you. Know that there are literally thousands of angels around you when you feel that way, because in feeling that pain you are calling for a reunion. That is the energy that you will receive, and they will hug, nurture you, and do everything they can to build your energy. However, they will not heal you because nothing is wrong. It is simply a beautiful, human experience. Though you go through life not wanting to fall because you could injure yourself, we hope you come back with all kinds of wonderful bruises and scar tissue on those bodies from the beautiful human experiences that you had. Dance in the light. Play and know that you are creators of the greatest magnitude on Earth with a purpose and you will create Home, now. Do not wait for 2012. Make it happen right now!

We leave you with three simple re-minders: to treat each other with the greatest of respect. You are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get and above all, play well together.

Espavo ~ The group