Free March Celestial Timings 2014

Post date: Mar 11, 2014 9:15:58 PM

The Introduction to the March Timings this month is in an audio I created about Solar Return Magic…intended to inspire you in finding ceremonial ways to celebrate your Solar Return (a.k.a. your birthday). I created this audio in honor of my Solar Return this month (the day that commands us to March 4th forth). Focusing on Magic also is a way to fulfill one of my missions to restore a LOVE of Magic to this world.

Magic is all around us all the time when we are open to seeing and experiencing it. Many of us have been trained through cultural beliefs to fear or question magic. In times past there were those who punished, tortured and killed if they were believed to practice magic. Like anything practicing magic or engaging in magical acts can have a supportive and beneficial effect or can be used to manipulate and control for personal gain. It is all about intent.

The audio on Birthday Magic focuses on the magic that can happen when you set a heartfelt intent! You can tune into this audio on the Unexpected Magic page and on the Audio Timings Page. I also posted it below.

Some Interesting Notes about March

2014 began with Venus Retrograde followed by Mercury a few days after Venus went direct. Mercury just went direct on Feb 28. These celestial events have had the effect of slowing forward momentum on many fronts. This trend will continue through March as Mars stations retrograde on March 1 then Saturn on the 2nd. Knowing this is helpful in trusting any delays you are experiencing – are actually working for you even if you can’t see that right now.

Jupiter is stationing direct on March 6 so that may help move things forward though how much depends on where you are in your personal life journey.

This the month named after the Roman god Mars and is linked with the Greek god Ares. Mars was considered to be a God of agriculture and war and this month marks the planting season for farming and also a season when the Romans would go to war. March 25 also known as the feast of Annunciation and was the New Year for Britain and for its colonies until they switch to the Gregorian calendar in 1752.

March 17 also known as St. Patrick’s Day was a day to plant peas and to pinch anyone who it wasn’t wearing – the color of the Shamrock.

This year the spring equinox is on March 20. Until recently the March equinox fell on March 21 or March 20. It now falls primarily on March 20 unless we are in a leap year and then it falls on March 19. The next time that will happen is 2016.

Globally Significant Venus Journey Has Begun

There is still time to join Me and Shamanic Astrologer Tami Brunk on a guided journey through the new Capricorn Venus Morning Star Cycle, a profound initiation of descent and renewal. We have had a HUGE response to this class – many feeling called to work with the Circle of Grandmothers and the revisioning of the old rules of the patriarchy.

This course is open to anyone (both men and women) desiring a deeper connection to the divine feminine wisdom this Venus Cycle is exploring.

This series (along with our collective intention) gives you a powerful way to have a conscious connection with Venus and her cycle, even if you are not in a personal Venus return. Over the years we have found that working with the Venus Cycle is life changing so you will NOT want to miss this opportunity. Details for the CLASS are HERE.

Learn how the Planets of Initiation Influence Your Soul Intent and empower your creations. Join me and Lisa Michaels for a Live and Recorded On-line Event April 10 to 15.