Astrology and the North Node: Destiny, potential, and lessons

Post date: Aug 17, 2018 1:38:37 PM

By ElsaElsa

What to make of the astrological North Node? First, let’s talk about the technical parts of the astrological North Node. The North Node is not a planet. And, it is not a house, such as the twelve astrological houses that were set up. It is a mathematical point where the moon’s orbit intersects with the ecliptic. The same can be said of a person’s South Node sign. To simplify, your North Node is in the opposite sign, and house, of your South Node.

But there’s a deeper meaning of the North, and South, Nodes. They are extremely spiritual in nature. Barring the technical aspects of astrology, they represent your life lessons. If Earth was a school, the North Node, its house, aspects, and energy, are your lesson plans for this lifetime, or is it school year? A great way to look at the South Node and its energies is to see it as your last school year, or years’ class, or classes. So, okay, you took Algebra for the past twelve lifetimes? Okay, now you’re moving towards Calculus! So, your soul is sick of Algebra. Sick, sick, sick! It’s ready for Calculus.

But, in many ways, your soul could also feel ‘stuck’ in your South Node. Your South Node is your comfort zone and your strength. But now, it’s become your weakness. For example, you’ve learned to be confident, a star, a leader, and how to express yourself. This was your South Node in Leo. But that South Node in Leo may now cause you trouble. Because Leo’s energy can become pompous, overbearing, neglectful of details, too subjective, and overinflated. So now, the North Node is serving you a North Node in Aquarius class this lifetime.

The Nodes may cross many lifetimes, if you believe in reincarnation. And of course not everyone feels obsessed, or stuck, in their South Nodes. Some of you are ready to move on. In general, moving towards one’s North Node is a challenge, uncomfortable, and a process. There is no set time for one person to start their North Node journey, but usually most don’t really dip their toe in the pool until around the time of the Saturn Return. I’ve even read somewhere that we’re supposed to be in our North Node by our early 40’s. Some might just jump into it; some have reincarnated many times, and are now mastering their lessons. And some are just curious folks who want to try something new.

This is an introduction to a twelve part series I am writing about on the North Node in astrology.

What sign is your North Node? What about the house and aspects to it? Do you feel like you are moving towards it, or are you still struggling?

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