As Time Stands Still

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 8:15:01 AM

~ May 21.2009

We are pleased to suggest that you have at last, long last, moved out of that long dark night of the soul and that the "worst" is now behind you - until the next octave or so of expression is revealed and the choice of wallowing in the quagmire or rising above it with head held high, are again the options that will afford one and all. It is indeed a continuing roller coaster ride and you have the choice as to how you personally deal with it. Every one on planet at these times is walking most warily and willing "the light at the end of the tunnel" to manifest - when again there is a pause for breath as yet another plateau of rest is seen to be realized. As you peruse and muse over these passing years when, shall we say, you first "awoke" to the reality and the divinity of whom you are, were, and will truly ever be. You will without a doubt see clearly just how far you have travelled and will indeed continue to travel along this glorious pathway of grand enlightenment.

It would take a blind man' so to speak, to even question the giant strides that you have all thus far achieved, bringing home to you the key fact that you truly ARE expanding at an admirable and grand rate as your crystalline Merkaba of light bodies' descend ever more snugly into your new' being and awareness that you call you. You, whom are also as ever familiar with your physical space suit, yet acknowledging also your divine higher selves that are undoubtedly introducing heaven into earth' by your very own processing and encompassing of the greater truer you! You are slowly and surely injecting the Christed diamond energies, the Adamantine particles and the very Elixir of Life into the now totality of your wondrous beings. Again, we shall repeat that that you are introducing and re-energising your expansive light bodies and are harnessing your Merkaba, or chariot of fire, affording again those higher energies, that are representative of not only your ever growing light bodies, but the overall COLLECTIVE of light-bodies - that are holding the light upon this beautiful planet. She too, beloved Mother Earth, also recognises now her own mighty light bodies that are integrating/ preparing her for her continuing ascension, along with Hu-man kind and the Universal ascension, a trilogy pure of expansive divinity.

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. 21.5.2009 ~ Please copy and share giving full credit to the Source)