A Four-Body Balancing Act

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 12:32:14 PM

Master Kirael through

Kahu Fred Sterling


For 50,000-plus years, the third dimension has hosted human life. Third-dimensional human energies have a voice, which means they have language, and that makes duality viable, because it encourages definition. Defining things means you will eventually compare them, which is essential to a yin-yang society: updown, front-back, fat-thin. It’s unavoidable. That’s why when you get to the fourth light, eventually you will speak telepathically.

The Journey of Love to Light

The most important part of your third-dimensional experience is moving from fear to love. You have a fear, overcome it and find love. But it doesn’t end there, because another fear comes up for you, and you overcome it and find love again, and so on and so forth. It’s a cycle of moving from fear to love.

Many realities have come out of this third dimension, and at some point, those realities experienced a shift, came to an end and all Earth humans were sent home to the Creator while the Earth plane remained stagnant for a while. However, this time, the third-dimensional cycle is coming to an end, and some of you will remain on the planet and move into the fourth dimension where no fear exists. It will be a move from the journey of “fear to love” to the journey of “love to light.” You must prepare for this dimensional shift by coming to completion in all four bodies in all areas of your current life. When you are ready to move to the fourth dimension, you will go through the portals. In order to see those portals, you must go through a process of in-lightenment, meaning you must bring more light into your physical body by removing the fear. As a result of such in-lightenment, all four bodies will be lighter. The lighter your bodies are, the more awareness you will have, and the more apparent the portals will be to you. At the moment, you are not fully fourth-dimensional beings, but you can visit the fourth light during the sleep state to get an idea of what it will be like and to prepare that plane of consciousness for your eventual habitation. That journey is available to you now. In the fourth light, you will have 2,000 years to practice this process of moving from love to light, or from a physical love body to a lightbody. When you have brought so much love into your body that you are in your lightbody, you will move on to the next dimensional journey. I have just laid the basis for our discussion. The rest is up to you. I will take your questions now.

The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating

How do the ten principles of consciously creating, particularly the trinity of truth, trust and passion, prepare us for the fourth light?

The study of the ten principles of consciously creating1, especially the trinity of truth, trust and passion, are more relevant to the third-dimensional journey than they are to the fourth-dimensional journey. The principles help you to bring more light into your bodies, which will make your journey into the fourth dimension easier. In the fourth dimension, or the fourth light, as I like to refer to it, you will already know the basics of the ten principles of consciously creating. This means you must study them now and make them part of your daily life. Some people read the principles numerous times and still don’t understand them completely. You’ll never fully understand them until you get into the fourth light.

I listen to the ten principles of consciously creating all night, but I wake up tired in the morning. Is listening to them all night a good idea?

Listen to the principles during the first stage of your sleep state, but release them before you go to the fourth light; otherwise, they will call you back to this dimension. The ten principles of consciously creating are geared for the third dimension, and you hear them with third-dimensional understanding. You’re probably weaving them into your journey into the fourth dimension

during the sleep state, and that is probably causing you to get caught up on the exit from and entry to the third dimension. Get the principles out of the part of your sleep state that involves the fourth dimension. Your body feels those principles, and it is having a hard time letting go of this dimension.

Will the ten principles help us resolve our fears?

The ten principles will help you work through your fears and reach completion in your third-dimensional journey, which is easing you into the fourth-dimensional process by making you aware of your shortcomings. When you are aware of your shortcomings, you can resolve them. If you are third-dimensional, you have fears. It is in the nature of duality that fears exist. You fear you’re doing something wrong, and you fear whether you will get it right. Right and wrong are part of your duality. Moreover, if you’re worried about something happening, it will happen because you’re focusing so much energy into worrying about it. It doesn’t need to happen, but worrying about it presses it into this dimension. In other words, your journey is being filtered into this dimension to facilitate your understanding of fear and love. To find love, you must get through your anticipated fears. If you have a pain in your stomach or your head, and it’s still there when you’re through with this third-dimensional process, then you didn’t complete the journey. The five or fifty is the only way you will get into the fourth-dimensional journey2.

So, if you have a pain you haven’t gotten rid of, get rid of it today. Use the ten principles and signature cell healing or some other modality to get rid of that pain. Make it a four-bodied healing, because that’s what’ll get you into the fourth light. You don’t want to walk into the fourth light with all your shortcomings intact.

Resolve Your Fears Now

What’s the best way to deal with fear so that we can complete our third-dimensional journey?

While you’re in the third dimension, you must go through the process of weeding out anything that no longer serves your light as a fourth-dimensional being living a life in the third dimension. You are fourth-dimensional at your core, and that means you can handle anything that’s happening in your third-dimensional life. Nothing in your life should cause you fear. Resolve your fears, no matter how long it takes, five steps or fifty. Line up all the things that cause you fear and take them on one at a time. You’ll come to a space where you realize that you can live in this third-dimensional body in a fourth-dimensional way.

You’re slowly working your way into the fourth dimension. You have four bodies—the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—and you can work now to inlighten, or bring more light into, those bodies. With inlightenment, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies can stay in the fourth dimension, while the physical remains here in the third dimension. That’s the perfect journey. Work on picking the fears out of your physical body’s cellular consciousness while the other three bodies are in the fourth light. Fear is the only thing left for you to deal with in the third-dimensional journey. Working on overcoming your fears is the only way you’ll get into the fourth dimension.

When you have no fears whatsoever, you will already be in the fourth light and you will know what to do. You will love it, because you won’t fear death, taxes or anything!

How does truth in the third dimension differ from truth in the fourth dimension?

As a third-dimensional concept, truth is merely about telling the facts as you see them, putting your words together in a fashion that relates things as they seem to have occurred. In some cases, you speak the truth and you hurt someone’s feelings. That is truth at an elementary level. Love is conditional in this dimension, and levels of truth exist, but in the fourth dimension, only one truth exists: the purity of love. And it is unconditional. In order to reach a higher level of truth, you must add the purity of love to the equation. When you add the vibration of pure, or unconditional, love to the words you speak, you will have reached an understanding of truth on a higher level and you will speak in a way that doesn’t bring pain. When you get to the fourth light, you won’t have to ask what truth is. You will know what it is. Truth will be the foundation of everything for everyone in the fourth light. Everyone will know truth and you won’t have to worry about anyone lying to you. When asked if you’ve completed a project that you haven’t completed, you will simply say, without excuses, “It’s not done.” You won’t have to explain why, because the other person will know why. Your job will be to learn why you have not completed the project. You will eventually learn that you must act in the purity of love to complete your project on time.

Choose Your Portal

How many types of portals are there for the shift, and will they all lead to the fourth dimension?

From the third dimension, only two portals are available to you. One goes deeper into the third dimension, and the other goes to the fourth dimension. If you enter the portal leading deeper into the third dimension, you will go backward. If you go backward, your body will tense, because you will find your fears coming at you like a bullet train. It will be as if you were standing on the tracks, waiting to get hit. You don’t want to go into this portal, because all the things that you’ve already worked through are there, and you don’t want to repeat lessons you’ve already learned. Going through this portal means you will go through trials, problems and maybe even disease to get your answers. Those of you who are working earnestly on your journey will leave behind what doesn’t serve you as you enter into the fourth dimension. The portal to the fourth light will lead you to the answers you seek without your having to go through trials, problems or disease. Go into the fourth light and get the same answers in love. The third dimension is rising up to meet the fourth dimension, and it’s pulling many of you along with it.

Is that what happened to Tiger Woods? Did he go backward into the third-dimensional portal?

Yes. Tiger Woods has spent most of his young life and adulthood practicing and playing golf from the fourth dimension. That’s why he’s so enthralled with playing the game. Watch his eyes when he’s playing golf. He’s all fourth-dimensional. He reached the point at which he was able to look back at the third dimension. When he did, he saw that he was failing that journey. So he went backward into that third-dimensional portal and got into the sex scandal. He chose a difficult journey, but he will come out of it quickly, the hard way, having learned something; and he’ll be better for it. He knows that he has to stop what he’s been doing and get back to what he wants to accomplish. Let him do his journey. His sponsors will come back begging to get into his journey. He is the best at what he does. He’ll come out of this thing as the most powerful golfer ever to live on this planet. Until you get to the fourth dimension, no one will come close to him. Whoever gets him as a mate—his current wife or someone else—will get a fourthdimensional being in a third-dimensional body process.

The New Chakras Help

You Stay in Love and Truth

How will the new chakras assist us in going into the fourth light?

The alignment of these new chakras will give you an empowering feeling of love and light, a new level of awareness, and will help you understand what you encounter in the fourth light. In the awakened state, the new chakras will make it easier to do all the things necessary to finish up this third-dimensional process, and in the sleep state, they will make it easier to work on the fourth-dimensional process. When these new chakras are fully in place and your three bottom chakras are absorbed into the heart chakra, you will find it easier to stay in love, to stay in truth. You will get the feeling that you know what you’re talking about, and you will see light emanating from everyone. When you can see the light in someone, you will know that the two of you are one and the same. In the fourth light, with those new chakras in place, you will only have to focus on what you’re experiencing. Your love and light will be balanced.

Does the spirit body experience illness, and how do we bring the total lesson to closure and heal ourselves in all four bodies if we are not aware of what caused the illness in the first place?

You can’t have an illness in the spirit body. When you have an illness, it travels from the spirit body through the emotional and mental bodies into the physical, where it stays. If you send an illness down through your system of bodies, it means you need the illness, because a lesson is attached.

The process works something like this: If you have cancer, it started in the spiritual body as a simple thought, such as, “What lessons are involved with this cancer?” The spirit body then sends the thought to the mental body, which says, “Well, you didn’t get the lesson in the last lifetime. That’s why you’ve sent this from the spirit self. So I’ll kick it down to the emotional to find out if this cancer has any emotion attached to it.” Your emotional body might say, “Well, let’s see, this will be hard to bear, because I don’t know how to do this cancer journey. I’m going to be afraid, aren’t I?” With that, fear comes into play and, “boom!” the cancer goes right into the physical. That’s how it gets started. If you want to fully heal from the cancer, you must send it back up into the emotional and mental bodies and then the spiritual body, which will know exactly what to do with

it. Some of you are wondering how you go about that process. First, you must understand the disease in order to take it from the physical. That means you must prana breathe and do automatic writing to learn how you created this cancer. Speak with your spirit self, which is right above you. You don’t have to reach up into the clouds and outer space to find your spirit, or higher, self. Just go outside your crown chakra a few inches. It’ll be right there. Second, do prayer, meditation, sleep-state programming and masterminding, and live the principles of truth, trust, passion, clarity, communication and completion. These principles are based on the fact that you’re not your physical body. Your physical body is a manifestation of all your bodies collectively. Living by the principles will bring light into your body, which will help heal the fear that is causing the cancer. If you simply hand the cancer over to your emotional body without understanding the dis-ease or the fear through love, you might cry up a storm, because the emotional body will not deal with it. The emotional body knows it cannot have cancer, so it will either give it back to the physical body and you will die, or it will give it to the mental body, which might give you a fit, because the cancer is not supposed to be there either. When the cancer returns to the spirit body, the spirit body will give you a fit, because it just gave you the cancer and now you’re sending it back. In other words, shortcuts won’t work. You must do the journey and understand how you created the dis-ease. When you understand the dis-ease—the fear—through love, you can move it all the way through the emotional and mental bodies to the spirit body, which will know what to do. It will take the dis-ease and rid your physical body of it. That’s the five or fifty, my friend.

Yes You Can

I’ve been reading about the frequency that causes a gap in our DNA. What is that gap?

That gap is the space, or portal, just before your two extra strands of DNA. In your third-dimensional body, you have two strands of DNA that are visible to scientists. Beyond those two strands of DNA, scientists see shadows and think they’re not getting a true picture. That is the true picture. They see the other two strands of DNA that most of you already have, but haven’t figured it out yet. In order to see those two extra strands for what they truly are, your scientists must be able to look through that gap, that portal. This is all about what they can’t perceive. They can’t clearly perceive the extra DNA strands, so they can’t believe they’re viable. They can’t believe it because they don’t want to see through the gap. They don’t trust the gap, so they’re looking past it. So at the moment, they’re only looking at the two visible strands of DNA. Someone will eventually recognize that that gap just beyond the visible strands of DNA is the portal into the extra two DNA strands. Your scientists refer to the shadows beyond the gap, or portal, as junk DNA. So they know that the shadows are extra strands of DNA, but because they can’t see them in purity, they think the strands are not viable. That so-called junk DNA is six feet long, and it is not junk. Why would the Creator put junk into your body? It didn’t put anything in your body that you don’t need, including cancers or whatever else might be there. Those things are there because you need them. This so-called junk DNA can be clicked on and off. The junk DNA of the seventeenth, or angel, chromosome goes into a cell and says, “This cell doesn’t look right. I think I’ll fix it. Nah, I’ll just kill it,” and “boom!” it’s dead. That’s what your so-called junk DNA can do. When you get to the fourth light, those two extra strands will be there in purity— no more shadow. Most of you have four strands of DNA at the moment and the last, or fourth, strand is the gold strand.

How will we evolve in the fourth light if we don’t have to struggle? How will we navigate the fourth light?

You can stay here in the third dimension and have cancer or go broke or have other fears, or you can go into the fourth dimension and forego all of the trauma. In the fourth dimension, you will learn everything by going from love to light. What does that mean? It means that you will live and learn in and from love through your exponential four-body system. Each of your four bodies has four bodies within it, and you will be able to turn all of them loose on your journey. You won’t walk out of the portal into the fourth dimension and instantaneously get everything you want. In the beginning, you will still be thinking from the third dimension and your thoughts will manifest right before your eyes. You might think that’s good, but it will be bad if you have a bad thought. You will have to do the journey to gain clarity of thought in love and light. You will have to learn to work with the four-body system to reach higher and higher levels of awareness. I have said in the past that when you awaken in the fourth light, some of you will jump and float up into the air, and it might take fifteen seconds for you to descend. If you want to maintain your ability to float, you will have to perfect it in the four spirit bodies, the four mental bodies, the four emotional bodies and the four physical bodies. Remember, this is an exponential journey. You will practice by imagining it with your mental body and feeling it with your emotional body, and when you get to the spirit body, it will say, “What are you doing? You’re not supposed to do this.” You will think, “Oh, I’m in the fourth dimension. Yes, I can,” and you will jump higher

than you can imagine now. It will take some time to get to that point. If you jump and stay afloat for fifteen seconds, the likelihood is that you can jump even higher. Beyond that, with some practice, you may be able to jump forward for fifteen minutes. Who knows where you will end up? You have everything you need to get to that point, but you analyze with your third-dimensional mind what will happen in the fourth-dimensional light. Stop it. That’s what you have me for. Your job is to imagine it, visualize it and feel it. Leave the analyzing to me. Remember, your ultimate goal in the fourth light will be to move from a physical love body into a lightbody.

Sleep-State Programming

Would you explain sleep-state programming? I don’t think I understand it.

Many of you think you sleep only to allow your body to rejuvenate and regenerate, but when you sleep, your spirit travels into the other dimensions. You can use sleep-state programming to engage your higher self to heal your husband or wife or girlfriend, to go somewhere to heal yourself or to meet with someone in the ethers—any number of things, including healing insomnia. That’s right. You can “sleep-state program” your higher self to heal your insomnia. You may use sleep-state programming to do almost anything except force someone to do something against his or her will or for purposes that are not in the highest light. The sleep-state programming process is easy. You set your intention, get your passion in alignment with it and ask your higher self to do your bidding with someone else’s higher self in the highest light. Then in the wake state, you do the journey, the five or fifty. Your sleep-state programming will make the five or fifty a lot easier. That’s the perfect journey.

My sleep-state programming isn’t working quite right. I go back and forth to the fourth dimension several times each night, and then I end up being tired and out of it in the morning. Why am I so tired in the morning?

Sleep-state programming involves three stages. In the first stage, you leave your body and spend a little time doing things that will ready you to fully travel outside this dimension. In the second stage, you go through the portal into the fourth dimension and do a journey there. In the third stage, you return to the third dimension and go into the dream state, which is the last thing you do before you wake up in the morning. You must go through those three stages each time you leave this dimension. In your case, you have been traveling to the fourth dimension three or four times a night, and that is totally against your physical makeup. If you’re traveling and returning three or four times each night, you will come back so tired that you won’t be able to function. It’s not just the traveling that is making you tired. When you get the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies out, you leave the physical body here by itself. Coming and going multiple times is empowering, but it also drains your body of all its energy.

As you come in from the fourth dimension and go through that gap, or portal, into the third dimension, you have to bring all three bodies that were out there with you into your physical presence, and it is uncomfortable at best. You have to push those bodies through that portal into the physical body, and it is dramatically hard on your physical presence, which is your only landing space. Your physical body gets slammed with each powerful landing. So returning to the body once is enough. Program yourself for one trip a night. Don’t keep going back and forth in one night.

You Can Love Yourself Out of Fear

What happens when we go through the portal to and from the third dimension, and what do we do in the fourth light?

When you go through the portal to or from the fourth light, your memory is cleansed of this journey. You’re cleansed as you leave and as you return. Some of you travel to the fourth dimension to figure out how to build houses in trees while the tree continues to grow. You talk to the trees, which are loving energies, like pets. They love you so much. When you finally get to the fourth dimension in the physical, during the shift, you will build houses, even though you don’t know how to do it now. You are acquiring your knowledge during the sleep state, and you are learning that the trees will form themselves to fit what you want to do. All of this you know already, but when you come back through the portal, everything is temporarily stripped from your memory. The information is not permanently gone. You just can’t access it in the third dimension.

It feels as if the fourth dimension is coming to me rather than my going to it. What’s actually happening?

The fourth dimension cannot come into the third dimension. It can come close, but it cannot enter into this dimension. The fourth dimension looks similar to the third, but one dimension cannot fill the other without one of them being gone. If the fourth were coming into the third, you’d all be out of here. In your case, you travel to get to the fourth dimension, but you still have a hand on the third dimension. If you feel the fourth dimension coming into the third, it has something to do with your journey. It’s not real. You might be moving toward the fourth dimension, but you don’t realize it.

You have to do this journey right, and you’re trying to force yourself through to the fourth dimension. Back off a little bit and take your time. You have fears that you need to complete or resolve, and you can’t superficially pop through them and leave them on the side. If you do, you’ll have to return to clean them up before you leave this dimension. Your fourth-dimensional journey will be masterful. You’re a healer and you know it. Right now, you must concentrate on healing your third-dimensional journey so that you can get out of here into the fourth light.

When I’m working with my fears, I don’t feel good. If I feel love, the fear seems to disappear. So I feel as if the fear is out of my reality. Was I doing what you said and just popping it out of there temporarily, or can I just continue to get that feeling of love to move beyond the fear?

You can love yourself out of fear, and you might actually be doing it. However, I would caution that if you love the fear and it seems to disappear but then shows up in another form, you have not actually healed the fear. You can’t just love fear away. You must understand the fear through love. That’s where the real healing power of love comes in. If the fear’s not coming up around another corner, then you’ve probably healed it. You will have to determine whether or not that is what’s happening for you.

Love is the energy that will heal this planet and its people. I am talking about a fourth-dimensional love, a love you feel in all four bodies, love that is the absence of fear. Success in healing is always a four-body experience. Use the tools I’ve given you to prepare yourself for the great shift. You won’t be sorry.

1. Master Kirael brought the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating to the Earth plane in preparation for the great shift.

2. “The five or fifty” means making sure you have done everything you need to do, whether it takes five steps or fifty.