Abundance is on the way to you

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 8:15:34 AM

This is a message that I received yesterday from the STAR ELDERS (May 21st). Apparently they are impatient, and they want to get this message out today.

This is the message . . .

Abundance is on the way to you. It has been written and activated into the ethers and the creative force of the universe. If you listen, you can feel the energy of abundance, prosperity and resources are returning. A corner has been turned. You can feel this as a lightening in your heart. Something, some burden has been lifted from your shoulders. Once abundance has been activated in the creative force of the universe, it is also the law of the universe that it has to manifest in the physical world. Be patient. It is coming.

The abundance issues you are emerging from was just a bump in the road . . . it was a bump our spiritual path. It was only a test to see if you could hold fast to the truth that you do in fact create your reality. A greater number of beings in the collective consciousness have held fast to this truth even in the dark face of the opposition of this truth. This has shifted your reality from one that manifests limitations to one that manifests freedoms.

When large masses of humanity in the collective consciousness begin to comprehend a new universal truth, the next event that follows is a test. This test will root that truth deep inside of humanity, so it will no longer be a simple belief in your heads, but a knowing that you feel in your hearts. If you did not have the test, you would not realize the importance of the truth which you just acquired.

The truth IS that you create your reality, and you are personally responsible for your own abundance level. This is not a new truth. Masters, Saints and Sages of the past have known this truth for eons. But this is the first time the majority of the masses of humanity have been exposed to this universal truth. Everything you have in your life right now is something you created. I know a lot of you do not like to own this, because it means that you created the abuse, the lack, the pain, and the suffering. But abundance is on the way to you today. You can use this abundance however you please. It is an abundance of creative energy. Put it to use wisely.

The second truth that you have been tested on is the truth that you are all connected, yet solely responsible for your personal actions. Geographical location, religious beliefs, social status, age, educational level, and culture do not separate you. You are all children of God. What happens to one, happens to the all. What happens to all, happens to the one. There is no escaping this fact. If the masses feel joy, you will feel joy. If the masses feel fearful, you will feel the fear also.

Once you understood the fact that you are all intimately connected, the event that followed was yet another test. Your test is to feel ALL that is being experienced in the world, but to take conscious action in a way that will uplift humanity; not add to its darkness. You cannot help feeling what is going on the world. You are all connected at the heart with universal love. It is a beautiful thing. If you feel fear, work to erase that fear from your consciousness. This not only helps you, but it helps everyone. If you feel joy, find a way to add more light to that joy. What you can do about energies that you sense are negative is to stay positive. By staying positive, you starve the negative. By universal law, it has to dissolve because you refuse to feed it. Remember you are beings of light. What you do with that light either adds to the light, or counteracts it.

Also in this test you have realized that just taking care of your personal survival is futile. Thinking solely of your own personal gain has left you feeling empty and unfulfilled. Humanity is moving toward a greater level of conscious community that is globally based, but locally acted upon. You are finding that the tasks ahead of you are too big for you to tackle by yourself. You are discovering that you truly do need each other, and that community is not just a nice ideal . . . it is essential.

The most important reason why we wish to share this message with you today is because when you believe good things are coming, they will come to you quicker. And in the spirit of “we are all connected”, we are also connected to you. We know that when we use our energy to uplift your consciousness and ease your fear, it helps everyone . . . including us. (end) (P.S. The Star Elders do not understand hello or goodbye, because in their world, there is no such thing.)