Psychic (Fayre)

Psychic Fayre Saturday

Tarot Cards, Psychics, Mediums, Numerology & Astrology

Psychic Fayres will be held on the Second Saturday of each month

NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED ~ first come first serve bases

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Last scheduled reading - 3:30 pm

Various Divination Modalities available:
-Tarot Card Readings
-Oracle Card Readings
-Osho Card Readings
-Healing Sessions

Sessions: $20.00 for 25 minutes, 2 sessions $38, 3 @ $56

Suggestions for A Good Reading

1. Seek help when you have a sincere need or counseling assistance in prevalent issues that may occur in your daily living.

2. Be receptive; do not block what Spirit is sending your way. If you are consulting a Medium/Reader with a closed or blocked mind, you may not receive the full benefit of our consultation. The more relaxed you are the better the reading.

3. It would be a good idea to write out some of your questions before the session to let Spirit work on your concerns. If they do not address them, the time may not be right for you to receive an answer. (You may ask your questions at end of the session if you wish – time permitting.)

4. Do not volunteer information to the Medium/Reader, be friendly; acknowledge when the Medium/Reader speaks to you. A consultation should be an exchange of energy. After the reading, you can discuss the information and how it affects you and your life. (Sometimes the Medium/Reader may have some suggestions that can help in coping with the situations.)

5. Before attending the session you can offer an invitation to your Loved Ones in spirit along with your Spirit Guides to join you for the session. Remember they have work to do in Spirit World and may be unable to join with you at this time. (Loved ones and Spirit Guides do have free will, just as we do, and will join with you out of love at another time.)

6. If you receive information that you do not understand or recognize hold on to the information for the future. Sometimes people, information or events presented to us are temporarily forgotten or have not happened yet. So put the information on ‘the shelf’ so to speak for the future.

7. Every person who gives readings and counseling has their own style; therefore, it is a good idea to seek one with whom you resonate.

8. Do not try to prolong the reading. Connections with Spirit last only for a certain period of time and then the power dissipates. Each person works at different speeds and with different techniques.

9. The readings can take on an atmosphere of strictly a spiritual counseling, or possibly just physical and material information, but usually, you receive a combination. The Medium/Reader can only project what is received for you. (You would not like something “make-believe” regarding your counseling session.)

10. Before your sessions do not hesitate to confirm the price and length of the session. (It is also a good idea to ask if you can record the session in advance.)

11. Always use discretion in choosing a Medium/Reader. Most Mediums/Readers are recommended by word of mouth or certified by reputable organizations.

PURPOSE: To introduce participants to the variety of readers available in our community. If the client is pleased with the reading and reader they may wish to seek out a private reading or consultation with the Reader.