A Day of Healing

A Day of Healing

Saturday 11:00 am to 4pm

Last Session is at 3:30

Reiki, Light & the use of Tarot Cards, Psychics and Mediums, Numerology & Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Intent, Sound and Movement.

-Reiki healing

-Reconnective healing

-Emotion Code Healing

We will have psychic readers available as well

Healing Sessions: $20.00 for 25 minutes, 2 sessions $38, 3 @ $56

After your session we encourage you to sit and relax for awhile to let the energies absorb into your body. Also, drink some liquid preferably water.

NOTE: We also have readers available for a scheduled session same price as Healing Sessions

Amethyst is known as a power crystal with prolific healing powers. Characterized as purifying, pacifying and transitional, Amethyst as a healing stone or crystal contains sobering and calming qualities and is used to treat and heal the central nervous system.