White Dove Astrology

Post date: Feb 21, 2017 1:33:09 AM

By Coleman Smith

People born with aspects between the planets Mars and Jupiter think and act in a big way. They make great salespeople. They are forthright and honest. They have excessive energy and are supremely optimistic. There is another quality they possess, one that combines The Spirit of Truth (Jupiter) and the planet of action (Mars) into what is known as the Preacher’s aspect. Mars and Jupiter work well together. The pioneering spirit of Mars and the enthusiasm of Jupiter is a good fit. Those with Mars/Jupiter aspects have good morals and a sense of honor.

Now we add the emotional Moon to the mix. This combination appeals to the Soul, touches the inner subconscious feelings of everyone who they contact. Their ear for the music of life has the effect of reaching and touching the very fabric of our lives. Our reaction can be profound. It is not only people who can have these aspects between these planets, but events too.

The Gettysburg Address in 1863 and Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” are two speeches that still, even today, vibrate the inner being of all Americans. In less than three minutes, Lincoln touched the hearts of both the North and South, changed the timbre of the War, and turned the tide of the War towards victory for the North. Martin Luther King’s speech not only united the Civil Rights movement into a powerful force, but changed our way of thinking with aftershocks still occurring today. These two moving speeches have major aspects between the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. There are many other aspects in both charts, but I just want to point out the power and interplay of these three.

The chart for the Gettysburg Address is November 19, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at noon LMT. I chose a noon time and it is nearly accurate, although the exact time is unknown. There is a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio trine the Moon in Pisces. The thunder of Mars and Jupiter and the sensitivity of the Moon in Pisces added to effect of Lincoln’s speech.

Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech, spoken in front of over 250,000 people, was epochal. The Moon in Sagittarius was trine Jupiter and sextile Mars. Mars was also opposite Jupiter. The timing of the speech was special, as the Moon was near the ascendant and Mars near the Midheaven. I would like to point out one other aspect of note just because it is so relevant, the Sun/Uranus conjunction. Sun/Uranus contacts epitomizes the word freedom. This really hits the mark of MLK’s opening words: “I am happy to join you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. I have a dream….” The power of just a few of the many aspects in this historic chart ring true today and for many generations to come.

These two charts show us that the interaction of the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter can be Thunderous and Truthful. Two of the greatest speeches in the history of our nation reawakened the heart center of all Americans and not only touched the lives of those who heard those words, but touched the lives of all people