Tsunami/Earthquake Disaster in the Indian Ocean

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 8:26:59 AM

by Rev. Elizabeth Mayo.

I know we were all devastated by the huge loss of life on 12/26/04 from the terrible Tsunami Tidal Wave, triggered by a massive under-ocean earthquake off the Western coast of Sumatra.

I followed the news closely, and, as an Astrologer, tried very hard to get the pertinent data. I checked several sources, and got conflicting Times and Locations, so I am including 3 of the charts with this article.

Chart #1 is based on information I gleamed from the news media, using a town on the West Coast of Sumatra for my coordinates. Chart #2 is from the AFA, and Chart #3 was supplied by Dikki-Jo Mullen, from Marianne Payton. As you can see, the planetary positions are essentially the same, but the degrees on the House Cusps are different.

The first thing I looked at were the Aspects; the Earthquake occurred shortly before the Full Moon, with the transiting Moon @ 27 Gemini, approaching the opposition to the Sun @ 4 Capricorn 33. Full Moons, as we know, always contribute to massive movement of the waters of the world, such as the tides.

As the Moon moved into 0 Cancer, (a "Critical" degree"), it formed an Inconjunct aspect to Mars @ 0 Sag 4; this Mars is also square Uranus @ 3 Pisces 41. Transiting Saturn Rx @ 25 Cancer is approaching an Inconjunct aspect to Pluto @ 22 Sag 30; as we know, the Inconjunct aspect indicates sudden, unexpected happenings. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all three "Malefic" planets, with Mars representing violent action; Saturn represents the Planet Earth, and Pluto, of course, is the natural 8th House ruler, the House of Death.

In the book "Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology", by Vivian Robson, first published in 1923 in Great Britain, he gives the following interpretations. Mars is conjunct the Fixed Star "Isidis" @ 1 Sag 27; "Sudden assaults; malevolence; sudden, violent death". Saturn is conjunct the Fixed Star "Procyon" @ 24 Cancer 41; "Sudden, violent malevolence; disaster." Uranus is conjunct two fixed stars, "Fomalhauf" @ 2 Pisces 44; "Powerful; malevolence of misfortune; fatally injured. And also "Deneb Adige" @ 4 Pisces 14; "Destructiveness; Sorrow; Life or death."

In the chart I constructed from the news accounts, Jupiter and Saturn are both in Angular Houses, in a wide square to each other. Jupiter always "expands" the situation, whether for good or evil.

With a disaster of this proportion, you would expect Angular planets, but, of course, this is the chart of the Earthquake, not the Tsunami, which occurred approximately 2 hours later.

In the AFA chart, Saturn and Neptune are both in Angular Houses; the same with Marianne Payton's chart, which is using 0 hour GMT. If you are interested in doing further research on this disaster, perhaps these charts could be helpful to you.