The Asklepius Stargate and the new Planet

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 8:27:53 AM

September 2005 By Mahala:

The Ophiuchus Stargate, which is also called Asklepius, is being activated big time as I am writing this article on August 13, 2005. It started being activated on August 8 as the Sirian Lion gate opened. That gate will be closing soon, but the Asklepius Stargate will be staying open for a long time.

The Asklepius Stargate first opened at the time of the Harmonic Concordance on November 8, 2003 when the planets formed a Star of David in the heavens. This Stargate has nine openings to it in various parts of the Pacific Northwest, and it connects with 17 other Stargates around the world. You could liken the Stargates to doorways to another dimension.

Asklepius is the thirteenth sign of the zodiac and the Sun starts moving through that sign around Halloween each year. One of the symbols of Halloween is the Spider. The Hopi honor their creator goddess whom they call the Spider Woman.

The symbol for Asklepius is a person holding a snake (kundalini) in their hand with two feet on the elliptic. The Sun activates the first leg on the elliptic around Halloween, and the second leg in December each year. It is a divided sign.

A story from NASA says that every year in early December, something happens that can throw your horoscope out of whack. The sun enters Ophiushus (Asklepius), the little-known thirteenth sign of the zodiac. Modern astronomers don't divide the sky the same way ancient astronomers did.

According to modern star maps, the sun cuts through a thirteenth constellation between November 30 and December 17. Astrologically speaking, if you were born between those dates you're no longer a Sagittarian, you're an Asklepian. If you were born around Halloween you are also an Asklepian.

When the Sun enters the zodiac's thirteenth house an interstellar wind hits our planet. It's a helium-rich breeze from the stars, flowing into the solar system from the direction of Asklepius. The Sun's gravity focuses the material into a cone and Earth passes through it during the first weeks of December. I wonder what kind of effect that breeze has on us.

The announcement of a new planet on July 29, 2005 started a whole new era. It ushers in the permanent Stargate for the thirteenth sign of the zodiac. This planet was first discovered in 2003, maybe around the time of the Harmonic Concordance. The planet is called Lila (Lily) and rules the sign of Asklepius. It is larger than Pluto. Astrologers have known about this planet for a long time and have called it Trans-pluto. When Pluto was first discovered it ushered in the age of atomic power. Astrologers also know about the planet Vulcan, which orbits so close to the Sun that it can't be seen by the naked eye. It's on such a high frequency that it is basically invisible.

Our solar system now has twelve recognized planets. They are: Mars, Earth, Mercury, Chiron, Vulcan, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Lila makes twelve. The Sun makes thirteen. We are now complete. I think the String Theory should be revised to thirteen dimensions instead of eleven because the Sun vibrates to the number thirteen. Greg Braden says that when we reach the frequency of 13 hertz, a whole new era starts.

I've heard that creation was created by the number thirteen or the flower of life, which is six lilies along with seven circles. It's interesting that the number thirteen has had such a bad rap for all of these years. Some buildings don't even have a floor numbered thirteen. Among the American Indians number thirteen is held in great reverence. The Indians of Yucatan also hold thirteen in high esteem, as their Snake Divinities are thirteen in number. They have a ceremony that takes place in a city hidden deep in the mountains. The body of a white priestess, said to be in a state of suspended animation, is brought out from its crypt and carried in a magnificent procession and shown to all the people.

The legend concerning this ceremony is that ages ago, before the Mayas reached the zenith of their glory, there came to them a white child who had remarkable psychic and prophetic powers. She was said to have come from "Over the mountains" and as the city was surrounded by inaccessible peaks, the appearance of such a child was considered miraculous. The priests still declare that the Priestess-Queen will some day return and restore the glory of the kingdom. This planet Lila announces the new kingdom.

In mystic circles, the menstrual flower has long been the designated flower of life and is represented as a lily. The name Lila (Lily) was the name of a Nibiru goddess. The Grail lineage comes through this Dragon race. The key females of the Dragon succession were all venerated as lilies, having such names is Lili, Luluwa, Lilith, Lilutu and Lillette.

The Realm of the Ring Lords is all about the Holy Grail and the Royal Bloodline of the female queens. It's interesting that the long awaited production of Wagner's "Der Ring des Nibelungen" opened Sunday August 7 in Seattle to a sold out crowd. The music (tone) of the opera is hitting the air waves of Seattle and setting up a new vibration. The vibration of the Ring Lords. There are major events going on all month in regard to these operas. There is also a free radio broadcast every Saturday night until September 3 on KING-FM at 7:00 PM.

The Ring lore has interested people since the books were first published in the fifties. Those books have been the best selling books in history, although I think the Harry Potter series may be challenging that status right now.

A fraudulent document was forged in the year 751 called the Donation of Constantine and was brought into play by Pope Zachary, who saw his opportunity not only to depose the Merovingians of the Messianic strain, but to bring the kings and queens of Christendom under papal control for all time. In order to gain Roman Church supremacy in the spiritual domain, the Donation provided a security of mastership in the political arena. Various nations became subordinate to a Church which had designated itself to be the supreme Sovereign State. It was this Donation which facilitated the final move in overthrowing the Merovingians so that the Church could implement its new style of papal kingship with the Carolingian dynasty.

It was the device by which the Roman Church reverted political power to itself after the collapse of the Roman Western Empire, enabling the bishops to introduce the newly styled Holy Roman Empire under the control of the Pope. In other words the true grail lineage had to go underground.

The Pope still controls the world, but the most powerful man in the world is Count Hans Kolvenbach, the Jesuit general. The Vatican bank is the central control of the banking system of the world, and the Temple Bank in England is second in line.

One of the most important power points, or Stargates, on Earth is in Glastonbury England. This area lines up with a point in space that holds twenty seven galaxies in place and is a black hole large enough to hold five billion suns. The dark side took control of this Stargate. They took it away

from the rightful owners, and they also took over the true Grail lineage. This energy will change when the money system is transformed and their power is broken.

The Stargate that was just activated also connects with that area in England. The total solar eclipse that occurred on August 11, 1999 was over England, and it was on 18 degrees Leo. This is the degree of Christ Consciousness.

The planets formed a fixed cross in the heavens at that time. There is another fixed cross in the heavens right now (August 12-13) with the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Leo, Mars in Taurus, Neptune is Aquarius, and the moon in Scorpio. That original eclipse is again being activated.

If we all focus on sending love and light to the Glastonbury plain during September, and at the time of the fall equinox, or September 21, we might be able to break the hold of the dark side. If we can break this cycle, the controllers will fall.

Constance Demby will be in England at that time playing her beautiful music. I'm sure that will help break the control because her music is on a very high frequency. Check out her web site. It is www.ConstanceDemby.comor

It's time for the rightful heirs of the Grail Dynasty to take their place in the scheme of things. Our creator Goddess has returned, and she is being announced by the recognition of the planet called Lila. The spirit of Mary Magdalene now covers the face of the Earth. So Be It!

I send you my Blessings!