October – Eclipses, Retrograde Mercury, Halloween 2014

Post date: Oct 2, 2014 3:20:29 PM

September 29, 2014 by Dikki Jo Mullen

Lunar and Solar Eclipses of October, 2014

Behind The 8 Ball

Retrograde Mercury By Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer

October the name of this month is a reminder of long ago calendars which measured time and followed the celestial cycles as we do, but from a different perspective. October comes from Octo, meaning eight, it was at one time the 8th month. The number 8, turned on its side, becomes the cosmic lemiscate, a figure of balance and perpetual motion which suggests energies stirring from different dimensions. In numerology the 8 becomes hidden power, intense strength and support from other realms. Some systems of astro-numerology link the 8 to the planet Neptune, a higher octave of Venus, ruler of Libra, the zodiac sign which predominates this month. The 8 is a favorable money symbol too. Pencil it lightly on your desk or doorway and see what happens regarding prosperity October marks the beginning of the annual celebrations of the dead. As the darkness grows and the daylight diminishes the veil separating this world from the next begins to thin. Glimpses of other dimensions and hints from those in spirit often come with greater clarity to the living. This October of 2014 is highlighted by two eclipses, with an erratic celestial symphony to be conducted by retrograde Mercury as it spins in between the eclipses. October’s orchestra will be outrageous, odd, off -beat, obliterating, overwhelming, observing outbursts. Prepare for an opulence of the wildest energy ever.

Mercury goes retrograde from October 4, 1:02 pm EDT in Scorpio and direct again on October 25 at 3:17 pm EDT in Libra. Return, reunite, remember, repeat, regress almost all words with the prefix re are descriptive of this 3 week cycle. Try not to move your home or job , keep the same familiar life style, be careful about signing documents and contracts, don’t buy a new car . Allow for delays, everything takes longer, especially travel .Check facts and instructions, communication can be a bit scrambled. Investments, legal matters and partners are impacted. Double check mail and messages for delivery confirmation. It’s easy for packages or letters to go astray or appointments to be forgotten.

October 8 at 6:51 am EDT will bring a total lunar eclipse at 15 Aries 08, almost exactly conjunct Uranus in Aries. Its a South Node eclipse, one of the more challenging ones. On the East Coast just before sunrise, if the sky is clear, a glimpse of the eclipse should be available, look toward the West. This eclipse points to the military, technology, fire and wild weather. The Sabian Symbol is “Brownies Dancing In the Sunset”. The mood is effervescent and invigorating with elements of fantasy and a desire to escape drudgery for many. This eclipse is quite near the Fixed star Alpheratz, a purplish – white double star of the 2nd magnitude currently located at 14 degrees Aries 26 minutes. It is benevolent, with the overall nature of Venus. Charitable gestures and random acts of kindness will inspire many. A dislike of those who are mean spirited can rally groups to a common cause. After the eclipse the lunar the Moon will be waning and Mercury continues its backward spin. A Series of Unexpected Events can follow, with a nod to the author Lemony Snicket. Be flexible and enjoy the moment, Life is unpredictable, Have Dessert First might be a good adage for meditation. Let the universe make the first move, don’t be pushy. On October 23 at 5:57 pm EDT there will be a partial solar eclipse at 0 Scorpio, with Venus exactly at the ) degree, holding hands with the Sun and Moon. (Look up cautiously, protecting your eyes this should be visible in many areas) All three Scorpio placements are drifting toward a trine with Neptune in Pisces. Its a North Node eclipse too, which is one of the better ones. The weather traumas, especially regarding situations with flooding, should taper off. Soul mate ties can be renewed, the healing quality of true love will be in evidence. The Sabian Symbol for this solar eclipse reads A Sight Seeing Bus. This suggests a range of new avenues for travel and personal expression. There is a freedom from long time boundaries for many.

By October 26 Mars is in Capricorn, sign of its exaltation. Power is focused and front runners should begin to emerge on the political scene as election day approaches. For Halloween, black attire, perhaps with a Gothic or zombie look would appeal. Another idea would be to select a costume honoring a past lifeidentity. Friday, October 31, 2014 has an Aquarius Moon oppose Jupiter. Friends will have invitations, the crowd or group mentality prevails. The mood of the holiday will be adventurous and many will be out on a limb, throwing caution to the winds.