Lunar Extremes

Post date: Jul 25, 2010 8:28:55 AM

from May Celestial Timings

The North Node in Aries brings us into the thick of the nineteen year Lunar Standstill or Lunar Extreme when the moon makes its widest deviations from the celestial equator (the due east-west line projected from horizon to horizon across the sky). All this year (and last year and next), twice a month when the moon is near 0° Cancer and 0° Capricorn, it rises and sets much farther north or south than normal (at greater than 23.5E declination).

Ancient peoples from around the world built monuments, practiced ceremony, and gathered in community every nineteen years to witness this dramatic phenomenon at Full Moon (during Winter and Summer Solstice). In healthy community, social structures are periodically updated to meet evolving realities. The Lunar Standstill seems to correspond with this wave pattern when we *dream the dream forward.* Every 26,000 years, as now, the *out-of-bounds* moons align with Galactic Center and Galactic Anti-center, the most intense axis of evolutionary pressure that we know, an alignment that the sun never precisely makes because Galactic Center lies 5.5 degrees off the ecliptic.

At the turn of the 21st century, the questions around healthy structures for the ongoing survival of humanity have taken on intense and catastrophic overtones*with global warming, toxic oceans, troubling genetic experimentation, over- population, rare and virulent disease, and the potential for total collapse of the social-economic order. And yet, there is reason for hope, for the information that is seeded during these lunar extremes is an answer to the huge challenges we face. From the highest perspectives, galactic intelligence is giving us the information we need to come into a profound state of harmony as a planet.

Those on the front lines of this Cancer/Capricorn work are receiving all new information and inspiration, and being called to step up and lead the way to human planetary wholeness at perhaps higher octaves than since the dawn of consciousness on this planet.

Also, June 11 the Full Moon will be at its greatest declination or extreme (to the south) all year. But this is covered by this powerful Plutonian umbrella, an energy magnified tremendously by Jupiter in Scorpio, the fact that Mars and Venus only meet in the Underworld this Mars/ Venus cycle (conjunct Sun) and a rare 8th Venus gate (shamanic death-by-intent initiation) at Fall Equinox that will feature the virtually invisible moon occulting Venus in the hour before dawn!!

Katy Morikawa